Etsy Shop

Opening an Etsy Shop

I love photography and outside of my photography services, I was never sure how to display my artistic skills.

During the pandemic, I thought long and hard and I found it. I love Polaroids because can instantly share a moment with people.

Etsy Shop: Polaroid Prints

Polaroids give such a raw, vintage feel that is impossible to achieve with digital, even with retouching.

One of the greatest things about shooting with Polaroid is the fact that it makes me step back and think about what I’m aiming to capture. With digital, it is easy to shoot so many frames in a short amount of time without taking the time to think through posing and emotion, for instance.

Polaroid prints always make an impression on the person they’re given to. Giving someone photographs as a gift is a great way of showing your love and telling people just how important their presence in your life is.

Etsy Shop: Digital Art

I have years of interacting with students with various educational games created by me, so it was time I shared my creations on Etsy and have teachers, parents, or working professionals find ways to engage users, especially while working from home.