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Opening an Etsy Shop

I love photography and outside of my photography services, I was never sure how to display my artistic skills.

I thought long and hard during the pandemic, and I found it. I love Polaroids because they can instantly share a moment with people.

Etsy Shop: Vinyl Art

Vinyl is the most popular of Cricut crafting materials! Generally speaking, it is a design printed on an adhesive vinyl for indoor or outdoor use. Vector and PNG design files are sent to a Cricut Joy, which cuts tiny lines throughout the design before the vinyl transfer decal moves onto the next step: weeding. This makes vinyl or die-cut stickers a prime choice for a durable sticker with multiple colors and intricate designs. It can be used for personalized kitchen containers, gifts, home decor, and anything else you can think of.

After the vinyl sheeting is machine-cut, weeding is done by hand to remove all
excess vinyl that isn’t part of the design (the more intricate the design, the longer the
weeding takes) and finally, the decal gets a layer of adhesive tape so it can be transferred to a service area.