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Hello, my name is Juan Velez. I am a researcher by day, a writer at night, and an explorer on weekends. I was born in Ecuador, raised in Los Angeles, California, and post content on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Photographer: I have been a sports photographer for the last 10 years. I have photographed multiple college sporting events for the Press-Telegram Newspaper in Long Beach, CA, Cerritos College, and the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association). I have had the pleasure of being a Disney Photopass photographer for over a year.
  • Education: I earned my Master’s Degree in Counseling, specialized in Student Development in Higher Education from California State University, Long Beach. I have also received a Grant Writing Certificate from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services specialized in Mental Health from California State University, Fullerton.  
  • Traveler: I have traveled to the following areas within the United States: California, Nevada, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, and Florida. Outside the United States, I have traveled to Ecuador, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

About Me -I am Jubilant, Unique, Ambitious, and Nice = Juan.

  • About Juan: My first camera was a 1993 Fisher-Price camera, my second camera was the Canon Mark 3 EOS, my third camera was a Nikon 750D, and my latest camera was the Sony 6400 mirrorless camera. What I love about photography is the ability to capture a moment.

Years ago, I had joined blogger, but my passion for writing was nowhere near it is today. It was based on photography, but I was more interested in showing photos, not writing about them. What changed and made me want to start blogging again? When I attended my master’s program, I wrote a thesis, and I enjoyed the writing process. As I went for my doctorate, I began to develop a very technical writing style, bullet point. I got my master’s in counseling, which should suggest I like to help people. I hope any post helps someone to make a purchase decision, reduce travel stressors, or simply look at my photos.  

I started a travel blog, and my niche was carry-on items because I am a minimalist, and I learned that it is difficult for people to pack less or efficiently. I am learning to focus on travel items, what I called travel essentials, but believe me, even though that was my specialty, I deviated many times.

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