Traveling post COVID-19 in 2021

If you think coronavirus (COVID-19) did a number on you in 2020, then you should check your next destination. Most people might be hoping to travel in 2021. Still, most people are probably not thinking about how badly the virus and mandated shutdowns have hurt the economies of specific places that depend on tourism.

Before COVID-19, tourism data published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) stated that the number of tourists worldwide increased by  4%  compared to the previous year and reached  1.5  billion. Since tourism is a mass and social phenomenon, it is stated that the increase in the number of tourists in international mass tourism movements poses severe risks in terms of the spread of infectious diseases among people.

Travel Post 2020

COVID-19 continues to impact the way Americans experience travel and has muted their desire for travel inspiration. Nearly 47% of American travelers said they canceled an upcoming trip specifically because of this recent surge. Such concerns are still impacting Americans’ current travel marketability. Americans’ openness to travel inspiration has been on a steady decline since October 18th, and fully half of the American travelers say they have lost their interest in traveling for the time being.

COVID-19 hit the airline industry hard in 2020: An 81% drop in revenue and $519 billion in losses, to start. What to expect when traveling in 2021.

  1. Expect more lockdowns. Do you have a plan in case you get stuck somewhere? Your travel survival guide for 2021 should include one. Travelers should consider trips planned around staying with friends and family if being locked down in a hotel seems too expensive.
  2. Tour Guides will be needed. Experts say your travel survival guide for 2021 should include a professional travel adviser. An agent can help you navigate the uncertainty of travel next year.
  3. Expect to pay for travel insurance. Visiting another country will require mandatory travel insurance to ensure that local doctors can see you.
  4. Expect more self-service areas. Expect contactless payments, paperless booking, self-check-in kiosks, and other safety measures to stick around.
  5. Privacy has been limited in COVID. Contact tracing is here to stay, even if there are privacy concerns.
  6. Traveling costs to increase due to safety precautions. Passengers will plan out their trips far more in advance and pay more while doing so (rates are up 18% for international trips and 27% for domestic trips this year).
  7. Business travel will no longer be considered essential. Thanks to virtual meetings. And since those travelers tend to “subsidize” the rest of the plane, your economy tickets will go up in price.


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