Post-Christmas Review: Stash-it Hanger

For those of you who have traveled and wondered if safe eases your mind while traveling, you have to consider the Stash-it Hanger because it blends with your closet. You can fit important documents, bitcoin, crypto-currency paper wallets, precious metals, jewelry, herbs, or just cash.

No matter how nice your hotel or resort may be, locking your door and securing your valuables is a good habit to have. Keeping your passport and other travel documents safe and concealed should be a priority because there are studies out there that show that one in three housekeeping workers confessed to seeing a coworker steal cash on the job.

The study stated that 16% of hotel workers said they were guilty of taking jewelry out of a guest’s room during or after their stay and “more than 27% witnessed a co-worker pick up jewelry they ‘found while cleaning.’”

If you have concerns about the safe, or if your room does not have a safe at all, consider packing your travel documents in a bag with a travel lock for an added layer of security. Cash might be one of the most common items that travelers will put into a hotel safe. It’s also the most commonly stolen item by housekeeping according to the survey above.

  • Blends right in under any hanging garment but something with a high collar is recommended.
  • Zippered closure and interior pocket allows for safe storage.
  • Great hiding spot for cash, jewelry, precious metals, herb, bitcoin wallet, passports, etc.
  • Stealthy and sleek! Use it at home or on-the-go when travelling!