Christmas Idea: Thank you for Supporting Small Businesses Stickers/Cards

Etsy, Inc. is an American e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Etsy’s shares have gained 44% so far this year after soaring last year.

With many people starting their own eCommerce business, it is ideal to receive gift cards for Michaels Arts and Crafts or have a loved one’s gift you with starting essentials. By lowering their cost, the more patience they will be when they are waiting for their business to skyrocket.

Etsy has more than 81.9 million active buyers, making it an excellent place for entrepreneurs to sell their items. Buyers come to Etsy seeking specific handmade items, so you already have a built-in audience that’s looking for your products. Listing your creations on Etsy will allow you to potentially get sales from organic search traffic on the Etsy homepage, which can complement your outside marketing efforts.

In 2020, more than 4.4 million sellers sold items on Etsy, and that number is projected to keep growing. The top-selling categories are home décor, jewelry, clothing, toys and games, and crafts and supplies. Unless a user sells extremely unique items, they will be competing with thousands of other small business owners who are offering similar products. This means the more you help them, the better chances they might have.