Post-Christmas Review: LOKIPA Burlap Wine Gift Bags

Across the globe, people will be raising glasses in celebration this holiday season. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll be able to hear the pops of people opening bottles of Champagne and other sparkling wines. Soon on Valentine’s Day, people will celebrate a season of love. As months progress, birthdays, graduations, the news of additional family members will spark bottles to be opened.

History of Wine and Celebration

It was in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance that people started to move about more regularly between city-state and city-state. The celebration of the arrival of a traveler was nearly always marked by serving wine, often the host’s best wine.

The Wine Bag

A wine bags keep wine bottles (and other bottles like craft beer bombers, artisanal vinegar, olive oils, and perfumes) from breaking during rough luggage handling by providing some padding/protection for the wine bottle. Because it is used for a special occasion, a wine bag protects and covers it, but while it is not in used, it is somewhere visible in your house. As a personalized Christmas gifts, I purchased the LOKIPA Burlap Wine Gift Bags and utilized my Cricut machine to make customized designs for them

Quality of the Bag

When they say premium quality, they meant it. The Burlap fabric was strong and allowed for the wine bottle to have snugged in safely. Because it was labeled as eco-friendly, I thought it was made from recyclable items, but it was not. Rather, it was labeled Eco-friendly because it is reusable.