Where I would have traveled to during the summer of 2021

I have used TourRadar in the past for international flights, and I would have taken the Classic Europe trip.

Why Classic Europe

The last time I went to Europe, I felt my Spain trip was the quickest of all the countries I visited. Why? I think it was because it was the final destination; so many bittersweet moments were happening.

This trip would end in Italy, around many of the wonderful landmarks that I have wanted to see more of. For example, Venice is one of the most important tourist destinations globally for its celebrated art and architecture.

Duration and Cost

Although prices are subject to change, $2,222 for 16 days in Europe.

The itinerary

The itinerary would have me start in London and end in Rome! With the Discovery tour Classic Europe, you have a 16 days tour package taking you through London, England, and 11 other destinations in Europe. Classic Europe includes accommodation in a hotel and an expert guide, meals, transport, and more.

Day 1: London, England to Paris, France (or join in Paris)

Day 2: Paris

Day 3: Paris to Bordeaux

Day 4: Bordeaux to San Sebastián, Spain

Day 5: San Sebastián to Barcelona

Day 6: Barcelona

Day 7: Barcelona to French Riviera, France

Day 8: French Riviera including Monaco visit

Day 9: French Riviera to Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Day 10: Swiss Alps

Day 11: Swiss Alps to Venice, Italy

Day 12: Venice

Day 13: Venice to Florence via Pisa

Day 14: Florence to Rome

Day 15: Rome

Day 16: Rome