2 Weeks in Quito: Ecuador

In 2018, I went to Ecuador through “My Ecuador Trip,” and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Ecuador is on the west coast of South America, has the Pacific Ocean along its western border, and is otherwise touched by Colombia and Peru.


Quito is the capital of Ecuador, the country’s most populated city. At an elevation of 2,850 meters above sea level, it is the second-highest official capital city in the world. Based on the 2019 population of 17,096,322, Ecuador’s population density is 156 people per square mile (60 people per square kilometer) – placing the country at 120th in the whole world. Table of Content.

Plaza de la Independencia

The Plaza de la Independencia, better known as the Plaza Grande, is the heart of Quito’s historical center and a historical space where a series of vital political importance events in Ecuador have taken place. To this day, it is a social meeting place for the people who live in the city.

If you are visiting Quito’s historic center for the first time, the various plazas. Just about everyone has at least one beautiful church of historical importance, and either has or is close to a few museums and galleries, not to mention many restaurants and shops.

Independence Square is the principal and central public square of Quito, Ecuador. This is the city’s central square and one of the symbols of the nation’s executive power. Source: Cultural Trips

Monument to Independence

In the center of the Plaza Grande, you can find the famous Monument to Independence. It is also known as the Monument to the Heroes of 10 August 1809, the date on which the First Cry for Independence of the Royal Audience of Quito on the Spanish monarchy was held. This monument was built at the beginning of the 20th century to honor the heroes of Independence and therefore symbolizes the triumph of the Republic over the Spanish crown.

Sites – Ecuador is a small country situated on South America’s West Coast, with part of it crossing the equator. From tropical beaches to stunning landscapes, indigenous markets, and historical towns, Ecuador is often suggested as the ideal destination for anyone wanting a taste of the best of South America.

Mindo Cloud Forest

The Mindo Cloud Forest is a unique ecosystem in Ecuador known worldwide for its biodiversity and birding. Activities that people do here: ziplining, river tubing, mountain biking, and canyoning. That entire trek can take up to two hours to pursue a roundtrip, which includes some river crossings. 


The trailhead to the Mindo Nambillo Reserve has located a short distance out of town. A cable car journey across the Mindo River starts the excursion, and a system of trails gives you access to 15 waterfalls for a dip under cascading waters in peaceful pools. Under the canopy, there are over 200 species of orchids that grow in the area, a symphony of frogs croaking in the distance, and all the usual suspects of the bird world watching from nearby perches.

Tarabita cable car

7 km outside of Mindo, you will find the Tarabita cable car, the bright yellow chariot that will carry you across the Rio Nambillo, and the misty cloud forest below.

Ever so slightly terrifying, in large part because you’re not boxed in like most cable cars – you sort of stick your upper body out of the top – it undoubtedly provides views that you would struggle to find otherwise.

There is no public transport from Mindo to the cable car, so you have the option to walk or take a taxi. As the walk is literally just following the road for an hour or so, it’s only worth doing if your budget is really tight or you want the exercise.

Ecuadorean Food

Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse, varying with altitude, and associated agricultural conditions. Beef, chicken, and seafood are popular in the coastal regions and are typically served with carbohydrate-rich foods, such as rice accompanied by lentils, pasta, or plantain. In contrast, in mountainous regions, pork, chicken, beef, and curry are popular and are often served with rice, corn, or potatoes.

Seco de chivo, also known as goat stew. 

The stew is braised in a sauce of garlic, cumin, achiote, oregano, peppers, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, chiha, fermented corn drink, and naranjilla juice, panel, and spices. This dish is usually served with some rice and fried plantains.

Mindo Chocolate

Ecuador has become a recognized source of quality cacao beans and for the past few years. While Ecuadorean cacao is known for its floral characteristics, some beans taste more like fruits, while others have a nutty flavor. Mindo Chocolate

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