100+ Travel post ideas

The art of writing is a skill set that takes time and practice to master. Although the time required to become a strong writer depends on your personal learning curve, there are fundamental elements involved in the writing process that is universal.

Even if you are a seasoned writer, most writers can experience writer’s block at some point in their life, at various stages of the writing process. Due to quarantine, many people have not traveled or done extraordinary things. Since quarantine, my life has been work, school, sleep, with no real out of the norm activity. I have learned how to cook and bake pastries, but those things are not my niche, which means I don’t really talk about it here.

The purpose of this blog is to help those who may be struggling with blog content. We are all in this together, so I thought I would share. I have listed some topics below, feel free to add. Please remember while in quarantine, brainstorming topics that are interesting to you is the best way to develop blog post ideas. I wish you the best of luck.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Packing

  1. Packing Style: Travel bags, fold method, or whatever fits?
  2. What to pack in a carry-on?
  3. What to pack in a suitcase?
  4. How to pack a lighter for a trip?
  5. How to pack like a minimalist for a trip?
  6. Common things people forget on a trip? You could confess and write about what you forget.
  7. What to pack for a hiking trip?
  8. What to pack for a cruise?
  9. What to pack for a beach trip?
  10. How to pack a First AId Kit for travel?
  11. How to not under/overpack when traveling.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Photography

  1. What is in your camera bag?
  2. What is your best travel photo?
  3. How to take selfies while traveling.
  4. Best underwater camera for your trip.
  5. What travel equipment do you take on your trips?
  6. Best time to photograph landmarks.
  7. How to upload and sell travel photos.
  8. How to edit travel photos.
  9. How to pose in your travel photos.
  10. 10 Travel Photography essentials for beginners.
  11. How to take photos of yourself as a solo traveler.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Health and Safety

  1. How to pack a first aid kit for long travels.
  2. What safety items are needed on my next trip?
  3. How to stay healthy while traveling.
  4. How big should your first aid be?
  5. How to stay in shape while traveling.
  6. Top supplements you should pack.
  7. How to adjust to the time change.
  8. How to avoid travel fatigue.
  9. How to pack [Zero Waste Guarantee].
  10. Why you should always take sunscreen while traveling.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Airport Strategies

  1. Should you eat before or during your arrival at the airport?
  2. What movies to download during flights?
  3. Do you have any traditions before or arrive or land at the airport?
  4. What to do if your flight gets delayed?
  5. Best souvenirs found in an airport.
  6. Should you rent a car when traveling?
  7. How to avoid losing your luggage?
  8. Can you travel with just a carry on? Pick a size.
  9. What do you do if you arrive at the airport early?
  10. Carry on mistakes to avoid while traveling.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Travel Stories

  1. How to avoid travel fails? From my observations?
  2. What people watching teaches me about a person.
  3. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  4. The best thing about traveling.
  5. The worst thing about traveling.
  6. What city, state or country have you visited the most and why?
  7. Why I would rethink a second trip to [city, state, or country].
  8. What makes my trips so memorable.
  9. What travel story still makes me laugh today.
  10. Have I ever gotten lost while traveling?

Travel Blog Post Idea: Best vibes

  1. What did you appreciate about your last trip?
  2. What is the best hospitality you have had?
  3. What music puts you in a travel vibe?
  4. Food recipes that take you back to [city, state, country].
  5. What is your travel bucket list?
  6. The power of a postcard.
  7. What makes a good travel story?
  8. Challenge: Write 1,000 words about a photo. No more, no less.
  9. What is the last thing that reminded you about traveling?
  10. When you close your eyes, what [city, state, or country] are you in?

Travel Blog Post Idea: Travel Blogging Business

  1. 5 services are offered on my blogging site.
  2. How to write a good bio about yourself?
  3. How to write a good, “Who are you?”
  4. How would you describe your first year of blogging?
  5. Best social media sites to support your blog?
  6. How to be personable with your readers?
  7. If you were a tour guide, what [city, state, or country] would you help people fall in love with?
  8. Have you ever sold souvenirs?
  9. What souvenirs can you make in at home, but find in [city, state, or country]?
  10. How to sell travel photos?

Travel Blog Post Idea: Travel Blogging

  1. Why did you start a travel blog?
  2. How to create the perfect travel post?
  3. Do you need additional plug-ins on your blog?
  4. What kind of freebies attracts readers to your blog?
  5. What blogs helped you become a better blogger?
  6. How to collaborate with other bloggers?
  7. The importance of giving bloggers a shout out.
  8. How do you organize your blog post ideas?
  9. Best Travel blog advice?
  10. Do you have any fun stamps on your password from national locations around the world?

Travel Blog Post Idea: Travel 101

  1. How much is the average trip to [all countries]?
  2. Best months to travel to [city, state, country]
  3. Best months to travel to [blank] for the lowest cost.
  4. Why should you consider Tour guides on your next trip?
  5. Should you extend your phone plan for internal services?
  6. Best season to go to [city, state, or country].
  7. How to pick a destination with friends/family?
  8. How or organize a trip?
  9. How to avoid wasting time while on your trip?
  10. How to should you stay in [city, state, or country] to explore all the sites.

Travel Blog Post Idea: Travel buddy

  1. Should I go solo or go with people on my next trip?
  2. What is the max amount of people you will travel with on your next trip?
  3. Should you travel with your best friend to [city, state, country]?
  4. Should you travel alone, but with tour guide groups?
  5. How to pick a travel buddy?
  6. Do romantic partners make good travel buddies?
  7. How to compromise when traveling with a travel buddy?
  8. How to learn the language before going to [city, state, or country].
  9. How to travel with someone who sleeps late/early?
  10. Characteristics of a good travel buddy.