Samsung – Galaxy Watch4 Classic Stainless Steel Smartwatch 42mm

Once Upon a time, I was a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. What I loved about the watch is that it was business focus; I got my emails quickly and it allowed me to respond quickly. I sold it on eBay for a Fitbit because I wanted to focus on my health.

After months of waiting, I have decided to get the Samsung – Galaxy Watch4 Classic Stainless Steel Smartwatch 42mm BT – Black.

Why am I buying it? I was going to get another Fitbit, but the Body Composition changed my mind because I am not interested in weight, I am interested in toning my body, so Samsung’s BMR is interesting to me.

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate, and indicates the calories your body needs to sustain its current status each day, without accounting for any exercise.

Where I am buying it? – Best Buy – They are offering $50 Promotional Best Buy E-Gift Card with a purchase of this watch. Also, I will get 1% with Rakuten.

When purchasing items for your next travel (e.g. electronics, travel gear or more), consider using Rakuten. You will get money back on your purchases paid through PayPal. Disclosure: if you click the link and create an account, I will get $30 per referral. Please note, I utilize that money to keep my blog going

Please see the following features for this watch.

Advanced Sleep / Continuous SpO2

Manage your overall sleep quality for a great night’s sleep with an advanced tracker that calculates your sleep score.


Be smart about your heart with ECG Monitoring that gives accurate readings.

Fitness / Auto Workout Tracking

Make the most of every workout with Auto Workout Tracking. Stay motivated by connecting to live coaching sessions via your smartphone or to dynamic Group Challenges with your friends.

V02 Max / Advanced Run Coaching

Make the most out of every mile with Advanced Run Coaching and VO2 max readings to assess your cardio levels.

Extension of Your Phone

Galaxy Watch4 Classic works as an extension of your phone so you can talk, stream and text from your wrist on the go.

Upgraded OS (GSuiteApps)

Tap into the power and convenience of select Google services and apps on your wrist.

Luxurious Design

Show off your style with a luxurious and timeless watch design that’s great for any occasion. Personalize your look even more with a range of stylish watch faces and bands.

Group Challenges

Get moving and motivated with your family and friends. Join the fitness fun with activities and challenges designed just for groups.

Trip Detection

Get peace of mind while on the go with Trip Detection that sends an SOS to your emergency contact in the event of a hard fall.

Women’s Health

Galaxy Watch4 Classic helps women build a deeper connection with their bodies and their health by helping to log and track fertility windows, ovulation cycles and periods.

Samsung Health

Samsung Health helps you stay on top of your health, your goals and upcoming fitness needs.


Make purchases on the go without your wallet with Samsung Pay or Google Pay on your wrist.


Tap into a Galaxy of possibilities with effortless connectivity between all your connected Samsung devices.


Cool down the house as you cool down from your workout with a tap of your wrist.

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