July Photography Challenge Day 20: Low Angle

What is a 30 day photo challenge?

A photography challenge is a way to push your photography skills. You share pictures you taken within 30 days. When joining a challenge like this, a prompt is used to ensure people have enough time to think of their photo. By following a prompt, you have a guide to help you each day.

Why should I do a 30 day photo challenge?

One of the best ways to grow as a photographer is to pick up your camera and take photos creative photos of objects you may or may not take everyday. For example, day 30th is water, which implies a glass cup, a waterfall, a drop of water, there are many possibilities. By participating in a 30 day photography challenge you push your creativity and become a consistent photographer. It’s important as a photographer to get outside of your comfort zone. You may find that you enjoy different techniques or aspects of photography you didn’t now about.

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