KeySmart Review

The KeySmart is an organizer that arranges your keys into a neat package, with space for up to 10 regular keys plus a dedicated loop to attach larger items like car key fobs.

Unlike some traditional key chains, his slim key organizers fit neatly and comfortably in your pocket without any bulk or jangling. Regular keys are sandwiched between two pieces of hard plastic with stainless steel bolts looping through the keyholes and holding everything in place. These bolts can be undone with something like a small coin and tightened again, but you will need to fine-tune that tightness, so your keys have just the right amount of swivel. Benefits include:

  1. Durable Design. Due to its shape and the materials used in its production, you can be sure that this key organizer will be durable and outlast its daily usage. Its high-grade aluminon means that the KeySmart design is both super lightweight and super tough.
  2. Extremely Versatile. I previously made a small jab at the not so function bottle opener keyrings. Will, as KeySmart reviews will tell you, you can actually add a bottle opener onto it also as well as a USB flash drive and any other gadget that will fit into its organizer.
  3. Minimalist design: I’s easy to use, appealing, and allows for easy storage when in use or when placed in the comfort of your home.

The KeySmart Pro

The KeySmart Pro works in the same way. If the owner finds they’ve misplaced their keys, they can open up the Tile app and press the “Find” button, prompting the KeySmart Pro to sound an alarm or show its last known location on a map. Conversely, if the owner misplaces their phone, a double-press of the Tile logo will call their device, even if it happens to be on silent.

  1. The KeySmart Pro is the world’s smartest key organizer!
  2. The KeySmart Pro allows you to locate your lost keys on a map in the Tile app.
  3. The KeySmart Pro allows you to find your missing phone, even on silent – double-tap the Tile button.
  4. The KeySmart Pro includes an LED light & bottle opener.

Disclaimer: One thing to consider is that you will need to charge the Tile inside the KeySmart Pro every so often, but that’s a small inconvenience given the benefits.

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