Tour Radar: Enchanted Landscapes Review

TourRadar is an online platform for touring featuring more than 40,000 worldwide tours to over 160 countries. Tours are available with over 2,500 tour operators that have all been through a strict screening process to work in partnership with TourRadar.

TourRadar is an online platform for touring featuring more than 40,000 worldwide tours to over 160 countries. Tours are available with over 2,500 tour operators that have all been through a strict screening process to work in partnership with TourRadar.

TourRadar acts as an agent, selling the trip on behalf of the tour operator. For most tours, you can check availability and instantly book a space, with some tours requiring full payment at the point of booking and others requiring it a set time before the departure. There is a range of durations, from 3-day short breaks to tours lasting more than 40 days.

Overview of the Enchanted Landscapes

  • 15 Days Trip
  • Group Size: 50
  • Language: English (there are many groups)
  • Cost: $2,249 (always view site for price change).
  • Tour Group: Europamundo
  • Locations you will visit: Paris (France), Noyers (France), Beaune (France), Lyon (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Zurich (Switzerland), Bern (Switzerland), Meiringen (Switzerland), Furkapass (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Pisa (Italy), Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Zaragoza (Spain), Poblet (Spain), Monestir de Montserrat (Spain), Barcelona (Spain).

The Good about TourRadar


  • TourRadar has a Deals page that features regular offers for early bird and last-minute savings. You can also find 2-for-1 deals if you’re planning to travel with your partner or friend.
  • Students are eligible to receive 5% off bookings with Student Beans used to verify their student status.
  • For the extreme budget traveler with schedule flexibility, try booking the trips departing within the next 30 days for an even greater discount. You can find some low prices if you’re able to travel on short notice!


  • The guides are beneficial and can share ideas with you regarding where to go during free time to get one-on-one time with them. Guides are very knowledgeable and accompany you on your trip; you can see them enjoy the city as you are during your free time.
  • Some countries are generally more difficult to plan by yourself- whether it’s a language barrier, limited public transit, or not enough information provided online. Sometimes the way to get the most out of your trip is knowing you will be taken care of every step of the way.
  • Towards the end of the trip, they would show us landmarks that helped us get back to our hotels, and when people were late, they had to take a cap or find their way.

Special Tickets and Events

  • In Italy, while half of the travelers enjoyed the Pisa, I did both, enjoyed the Pisa, and went to a restaurant for a special lunch and Italian whine (if I recall correctly, it was $45 per person). The meal included a salad, pasta, pastry, and wine.
  • Cultural trips examine the history and traditions, whether that be visiting prominent landmarks, mingling with local communities, or discovering local cuisine. Some of the tour types under the Culture category are historical tours, train and rail journeys, and local living.

The Bad about TourRadar

Long Bus Rides

  • For anyone who has never been on tour, you might find that you are on a bus for a long time. On day 13, traveling from Madrid to Barcelona, we departed at 8:30 AM, and we arrived at 7:00 PM. One way travel from Madrid to Barcelona is roughly 6 hours, but because you are with 50 people, we took breakfast and lunch breaks (add 2 hours).
  • In Europe, drivers do not utilize open lanes to move forward when there is a car accident. In contrast, in America, Americans find openings and continue towards their driving destination; drivers in Europe are courteous and wait until police officers address the situation and will not move forward, even in open space until the issue is resolved. Our delay was roughly an hour and some minutes long.   


  • There is one guide per group of 50 users, and some travelers are needier than others, meaning it can be hard to get your guide’s attention. I encounter getting currency, so I had to wait for my guide to ensure guests who paid for extra tours entered the sites before he could help me; this took about 30 minutes. I am a patient individual, and I shopped until he returned for me, but I know most people are not patient.  

Free time

  • Free time in a foreign country is fun… if you know where you are going. In my case, most people stayed local. Only a few people had researched spots to eat and sites to shop.

Waiting for fellow travelers

  • We had a schedule throughout our trip, but even then, you would find fellow travelers who would purchase food before bus came and return to the bus at a later time, causing delays. We had a group of 4 that we had to leave behind because they had their own schedule and they did not want to comply.

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